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AI Dungeon can help you build a game built around you. Server hosting costs about $1 per new player per month. The company jumped from 0 players to over 70.000 players per day in less than a week in its early days. Even the lowest Patreon tier will pay you for an entire month of servers! If you can, please click the button above and support the company so the company can keep this party going and grow it into something even more amazing.

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Adventure Game

Imagine a universe that is eternally produced and that you could explore indefinitely, constantly discovering brand-new experiences and material. What if you weren't constrained by the game's designers' creativity and were instead free to select whatever action you could conceive of? You are not constrained in what you can accomplish, unlike in almost every other game that is now available. The AI dungeon master will determine how the environment will react to everything you may describe in language as an action. Contributions are what will cover the server costs and maintain the website's accessibility. Additional contributions will also assist finance research and development for the text adventure.

Ever longed to be the protagonist of your tale? You can use AI Dungeon. Play role-playing games where artificial intelligence generates many scenarios in which you may interact with your character. Be a military commander repelling an extraterrestrial invasion or a fantastical investigator looking into the attempted murder of the fairy queen. Create your Dungeons & Dragons campaign and serve as the DM. In AI Dungeon, there are no restrictions on what you may do.

You can roleplay in any scenario or world you can think of in AI Dungeon. Select from the user-created worlds that are already specified or utilize our rapid launch method to construct your custom world. The AI generator may also be used to generate a random planet for you to explore. You control what your character says and does since you are the adventure's main character. You can reply to answers that the AI generates from other characters or global events. Each adventure is distinct and unanticipated.

The first open-text, artificially intelligent role-playing (RPG) adventure game is called AI Dungeon. It creates limitless material instantly using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, offering you a different and dynamic experience each time you play. Additionally, AI Dungeon is the first application to create photos using the built-in Stable Diffusion program (similar to other AI image generators like Midjourney and Dall-e 2).

AI Dungeon FAQs

  • Does AI Dungeon offer aristocracy?

    Certainly. AI Dungeon's Nobility is for those who want to support the platform's revamped game at a higher level and get exclusive behind-the-scenes updates. Nobles (when not defending their fortresses from surprise attacks by orcs) watch over the kingdom and support its people. They lead the community to improve the kingdom of Larion and the entire AI dungeon. They want to go beyond supporting the company and helping it reach its full potential.

  • How to cancel AI Dungeon's membership?

    You may be charged final charges for pending bills if you cancel a per-create membership. AI Dungeon will retry processing If you decline your monthly payment (upfront fee). What to expect after cancellation depends on the billing model chosen by the creator. The creator will be removed from your active membership page when you cancel.

  • How to set a monthly maximum limit for AI Dungeon's membership?

    You have the option to set a monthly limit on your payments when you become a member of a pay-per-post creator. AI Dungeon believes this prevents you from being charged more than you can afford if the creator publishes multiple paid posts in a given month. You may be billed in any currency supported by the company and depending on which currency the creator chooses to bill in while these examples are in USD.

  • What if the creator refuses a refund in AI Dungeon?

    AI Dungeon is asking you to file a refund request with the creator since the company has sent your payment to their balance. That means the company can make a refund at its own discretion. You need to contact them within 10 days of the transaction processing date on your statement if you want the creator to review your refund request.

About AI Dungeon

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