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Artsy Voiceprint creates sonic art through the sounds you'll remember for a lifetime. You provide them with a recording, a favorite song or any precious sound, and they will turn it into a unique sonic art that captures your special memory in a beautiful and lasting way. Artsy Voiceprint's designs for every Voiceprint and sound wave are imbued with a passion for simplicity, design, and the desire to preserve the special moments and sounds that fill people's lives. Artsy Voiceprint commemorates all the memorable sounds in people's lives and helps those who would not adapt to ordinary life to find a meaningful and beautiful way to transform their precious memories into art.

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Artsy Voiceprint FAQs

  • Do Artsy Voiceprint sell gift cards?

    Yes. If you're shopping for someone, choose a gift for them using an Artsy Voiceprint gift card. The gift cards range in value from $25 to $500. Their gift cards can only be sent by email and contain instructions to be cashed at checkout. There is no extra processing fee for their gift cards. If you need a gift card and their gift card is not available in the selection menu, please contact them.

  • What is Artsy Voiceprint's cancellation policy?

    If you want to cancel your order, please contact Artsy Voiceprint during 24 hours. If they have not yet created the artwork, they are happy to cancel the order and get a full refund. If you decide to cancel the order after the artwork has been created, but have not yet printed the item, they can still cancel the order and refund it, but there will be a fee for creating the custom artwork. They will subtract $30 plus 5% of the total order amount and send you a digital file of the artwork.

  • Can Artsy Voiceprint put an entire song on a smaller print?

    Yes, Artsy Voiceprint can fit any size and any length. What will be achieved is the compression of sound waves. The larger the size, the more detail you can see. Most of the songs look good overall, but if you want to highlight a particular lyric, they can edit the song to include only that part. If you are not sure what to select, please request a preview and understand that if you are not happy with the shape of the waveform, they can be adjusted.

  • What types of files can Artsy Voiceprint accept?

    Artsy Voiceprint can use any audio or video file. If you want to send a song, you can send them a link to the song on YouTube. You can shrink the video to a smaller clip and attach it to the email. If it's still too big, the best thing to do is upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer and share the file. If that sounds too complicated, you can also record the desired portion on your phone while the video is playing on your computer or TV (preferably using a voice memo or recorder application on your phone) and then email the file to them.

About Artsy Voiceprint

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