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Creativegiftss embodies their ambition: to provide and share the latest fashion trends and news for those reborn dolls. Whether you're looking for that special doll of your dreams, a lifelike doll, a companion to grow with your child, a reborn doll to light up hope for a mother who lost a child, or you're looking to buy a gift for someone in your life, it's all here, waiting for you to discover! Since then, their founders have been fascinated by the fascination of newborn babies. So their founders started researching reborn babies and trying to popularize them. She hopes that the reborn baby can accompany more children to grow up healthily. Now their goal is to make more quality dolls. They are dedicated to making realistic and eco-friendly dolls. Let more children grow up healthily in their company; also hope to let more lonely elderly, orphan families, DINK families feel the warmth of dolls.

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Creativegiftss FAQs

  • What will people receive if they sign up in Creativegiftss?

    As long as you successfully register in the online store, you can enjoy a big discount for your next purchase. After signing up for the email, you will be able to earn more special offers, new products, and exclusive seasonal content (such as their gift guide ) from the people of Creativegiftss for the first time.

  • Does Creativegiftss have moving parts?

    Silicone dolls have arms and legs that can move up and down, cloth dolls vice versa and they cannot blink, eat, drink or urinate. In fact, most traditional dolls Creativegiftss do not have any mechanical or moving parts, however, some have unique features built in that allow them to make sounds or even cry.

  • Does Creativegiftss provide warranty?

    In order to improve the quality of service, help customers and provide a quality shopping experience, it offers the following Terms of Service at Creativegiftss. When you choose the "+$5.99 Extra 90 Days Quality Warranty" option, you get an additional 90 days quality warranty and 180 days return/exchange policy. You will receive VIP treatment and your order will be prioritized when you select the "VIP Service Plus $2.99" option!

  • Why is my Creativegiftss doll different from the picture?

    The Creativegiftss dolls on their website are made directly from the artist's sculptures. Some changes may occur between this version and the manufacturing version. They strive to provide the highest quality and standard for every doll they produce. If for any reason you are not happy with your doll please send an email so they can fix the problem.

About Creativegiftss

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