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By linking manuhiri to the company's night sky, Dark Sky Project ignited a lifelong passion for night protection and the things above it. Dark Sky Project is proud to be regarded as the leader of astronomical tourism and star watching experience. Perfect entry star watching experience. Enhance your understanding of the southern sky and think about possibilities on discovery night. Designed for stargazing, Dark Sky Project is the perfect experience for stargazing. Located in a huge dedicated crater to provide maximum windbreak and minimum light pollution, the company's professional astronomy guide will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the southern sky through the company's powerful optical telescope.

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Dark Sky Project FAQs

  • What does the guidance experience of Dark Sky Project include?

    All experiences are fully guided by experts in their respective fields. For complete information about the inclusion, see the specific travel page. All experiences come from the dark sky project of 1 motoriki lane. Summit and crater experiences include long-distance bus transportation back to their location (Summit experience at Johns Hill Observatory, University of Canterbury, private caldera experience observatory at Dark Sky Project).

  • When and where do I check in for Dark Sky Project?

    Dark Sky Project's outdoor night experience starts from the dark sky project of 1 motoriki lane. If you book a summit or crater experience, the coach will take you to the tour site and send you back to the dark night program. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to drive to John Hill or Cowen observatory at night. You can park at takap ō Outside the dark sky project in the West parking lot.

  • What does Dark Sky Project suggest I need to wear?

    No matter what season, warm clothing is essential for the outdoor night experience of Dark Sky Project. The temperature may vary, but it will also depend on the wind speed. Wind chill can bring the temperature below zero. The summit experience was held at the John Hill Observatory of the University of Canterbury. It is located in the glacier area at an altitude of about 1029 meters (3376 feet) with strong wind. Please wear strong shoes, suitable for walking on uneven terrain with insufficient light. The company does not allow shoes or clothes to glow, flash or light up.

  • Is Dark Sky Project's outdoor night experience suitable for families?

    The company's outdoor night experience is suitable for families, and the age limit is 5 years and above. Due to the late time and low temperature, if you have young children, Dark Sky Project suggests that you start early in the evening. The dark sky experience is conducted indoors for 45 minutes and is open during the day.

About Dark Sky Project

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