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Dog Waste Depot provides customers with high quality dog litter bags, dog litter stations, dispensers, can liners and other products, and they insist on offering them at the most affordable prices. Now, they serve more than 58,500 customers. And they eliminate the role of middlemen by selling directly to customers to pass on the cost savings to their customers. They also provide customers with safe, reliable shipping where no one will touch your products until they reach you. In addition, they can also price match with other merchants, because their goal is to let customers buy their favorite products at the lowest price here.

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Dog Waste Depot FAQs

  • How many bags can Dog Waste Depot's dispenser hold?

    Dog Waste Depot's roll bag dispenser allows to dispense 3 rolls at a time for a total of 600 bags and store 2 spare rolls inside for a total of 1000 bags. Their ONEpul and MittN Bag dispensers hold and dispense 800 bags at a time. Their Tie-Handle bag dispenser holds and dispenses 600 bags, as do the Tissue-Style and EZ-TIE dispensers.

  • Is it easy to install Dog Waste Depot's dog poop station?

    Dog Waste Depot will send complete installation instructions to each site. Installation usually takes only 45 minutes. And no special skills or special tools are required. Of course, you can always call them for expert installation advice, or watch their YOUTUBE installation videos. Each of their team members is certified as their station installer.

  • What are the advantages of Dog Waste Depot?

    Dog Waste Depot uses only high-speed, efficient equipment to produce all of its products. Production on such a large scale makes them less expensive than anyone else. As a result, they can sell bags of the same size, thickness and quality for less than anyone else. And they can actually sell the bag for less than the actual price of some of their competitors.

  • What payment methods does Dog Waste Depot accept?

    Dog Waste Depot accepts checks and credit cards, including VISA, MC, American Express, and Discover. They also accept Alipay. If you're a municipality, property manager, or established business, they can bill you within 30 days, so you can pay your invoice by check or ACH. If you are an individual customer, please choose to pay by credit card or PayPal.

About Dog Waste Depot

Is it common for you to be irritated by the variety of pet products available? But do not worry about it, as you can find many cheap but good pet supplies at Dog Waste Depot. The most basic responsibility of pet owners is to select safe and high-quality goods for their animals. Dog Waste Depot is a company that sells high-quality goods. To save money, use the Dog Waste Depot's Coupon that we selected for you.

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