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ECGsource's mission is to be the best educational resource for current and future medical professionals in the field of electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation. They serve individuals and medical institutions. Their self-assessment ECG programs address the format and scoring system of the American Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Exam, so they are an invaluable resource for those preparing for the ECG portion of this test. In addition, they offer a training program to meet their own requirements, as well as a training program established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to meet trainee competencies in ECG interpretation. Their self-assessment program enables individuals to track their own progress across various ECG categories of cardiac abnormalities. The grading system provides instant feedback, often with a panel of expert reviewers selecting outstanding teaching points.

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personal user account

Your personal user account gives you full access to many of their services, including ECG Reading Room, ECG Tracker, High Yield ECG, and Common Abnormal ECG Standards. The ECG Reading Room currently consists of a database of 531 unique electrocardiograms (ECGs), with more tracings being added each month. They are the largest online resource available for ECG education. Once you have completed all the ECGs in their database, ECGs are in a constant cycle, enabling you to interpret thousands of ECGs over years of training EKGs. Whether you study for hours at a time or just study one EKG in a specific setting, you can answer each EKG using a scoring form similar to that used for the American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease exam. Coding the Answers You will receive immediate feedback on diagnostic accuracy from a panel of ECG experts who also provide you with additional teaching points for each ECG you complete.

ECG Tracker enables you to record all ECGs you read. To track your own progress, you receive a score for each completed ECG, which is displayed as a percentage of the maximum score that the panel believes can be achieved per track. You can go back later and view each ECG an unlimited number of times for your own education. This compact database complements the broader ECG reading room. Although ECGsource is not affiliated with any medical testing agency, ECGsource has years of experience in medical test prep and has compiled a high-yield database of ECG types that may be tested frequently. These high-yield ECGs are designed to help you with last-minute checks before a standardized medical exam.

Over 45 minutes of ECG tutorial videos are now available. These videos provide an overview of ECG basics and some common diagnoses, including determining heart rate, rhythm, and axis, and understanding the conduction system, limbs, and precordial leads, bundle branch block, left ventricular hypertrophy, and more. This compilation of abnormal ECG criteria The perfect resource for both novices and experts in ECG interpretation and can be used as a quick reference. This high-yield database of coronary angiography, ventriculography, and aortography is designed to help you identify cardiovascular pathology in the catheterization laboratory. Specific cases with associated cardiac images are presented as questions, and the user is given the opportunity to answer each case using a scoring sheet similar to that used for the imaging portion of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Cardiovascular Disease Board exam.

ECGsource FAQs

  • How many ECGs are in the database for me to work with at ECGsource?

    Currently, there are 531 unique ECGs in the database, with more being added every month at ECGsource. Once you've completed all the ECGs in their database, the ECGs are continuously recycled, enabling you to interpret thousands of trajectories over years of training.

  • Can I have my ECG recreated after submitting my answers at ECGsource?

    Once you have submitted your answers for a specific ECG, you cannot change your answers. You can click the ECG Tracker link in the side menu after logging in to view any ECG you have worked on before, including the track itself, as well as your answers and graded assessments from ECGsource.

  • How much time do I need to spend on each ECGsource?

    ECGsource has a timer in the upper right corner that gives you an overview of how much time you spend on each track. There is no time limit for each ECG exam, but those attending the American Board of Physicians for Cardiovascular Disease exam should be aware of the standard time limits for the ECG portion. Previous exams typically allowed about 3 minutes to review and code each trace.

  • How do I use calipers at ECGsource?

    You can display the ECG caliper at ECGsource by clicking the corresponding button in the upper left corner of the ECG reading room. Use the mouse to click and drag the right side of the caliper to create the desired caliper width. Click in the middle of the caliper to drag it across the page.

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