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There are many entry-level options for Freediver Shop, but the most important thing to determine before choosing your first Monofin is what kind of activities will you engage in with the new Monofin? To determine which monofin is your best choice, please refer to their monofin selection guide. The wetsuit size will vary with your overall height and weight. Their diving suits are available in 25 different standard sizes to suit almost any body structure. To determine the best wetsuit size for you, please refer to their wetsuit size chart.

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Freediver Shop FAQs

  • I'm looking for spearfishing fins, what kind of camouflage should I choose at Freediver Shop?

    Freediver Shop means that the fin has a variety of colors and camouflage patterns to choose from. The color/pattern that suits you best actually depends on your hunting environment; you should ask yourself which color and pattern are best for your hunting environment. For more information on choosing the best camouflage for your harpoon fin, please refer to their camouflage selection guide.

  • What is the best blade stiffness of Freediver Shop for me?

    Freediver Shop It is recommended to choose the blade stiffness related to your overall physical structure; if your weight is less than 65 kg (~145 lbs), please choose stiffness 1-soft (or if you are a very strong swimmer, choose 2-in). If you weigh more than 65 kg (~145 lbs), they recommend that you choose a stiffness of 2-medium (or 3-hard if you are a very strong swimmer), if your weight is more than 90 kg (~ 200 lbs), they recommend choosing stiffness 3-hard.

  • How do I choose the correct foot pocket size of Freediver Shop for me?

    The size of the Freediver Shop foot pocket is the same as the actual shoe size; this means that if you usually wear size 10 shoes, your fin foot pocket should be the same size. Choosing a foot pocket size that matches your actual shoe size will enable you to use your fins barefoot or wearing thin (3 mm) neoprene socks. If you plan to use fins with thicker socks (5-7 mm), they recommend that you choose a size one size larger than your actual shoe size. For more information on shoe sizes, please refer to their general shoe size conversion table.

  • What is the difference between carbon and fiberglass blades of Freediver Shop?

    At Freediver Shop, carbon fiber and carbon composite blades are lighter and more flexible than fiberglass blades, and are more energy efficient when propelling divers underwater. On the other hand, fiberglass blades are less fragile and more durable than carbon blades, and are less likely to break when in contact with hard objects such as underwater rocks or coral reefs. They recommend using 100% pure carbon blades for open water free diving and spearfishing, and using carbon composite or fiberglass blades for coral reef diving.

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