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Kava Society's history dates back to 2011 when one of its founders fell in love with Kava Society during his time in New Zealand doing his doctoral research. After testing a few unique assortments and planning strategies, he presented the plant to some close friends and colleagues from the College of Auckland. They began meeting up every week to drink their favorite kavas, try cultivars or items, play around with legislation, watch movies together and talk about any number of topics. Now they're always finding new ways to have fun!

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Kava Society FAQs

  • What is the role of Kava Society?

    The effect of Kava Society depends on factors such as the type and strength of the variety and the preparation method. Generally speaking, Kava is known for its relaxing properties and its ability to induce a sense of sociality and harmony without reducing mental clarity or consciousness. For many users, kava is a pleasant, slightly stimulating drink that can relieve fatigue, relax the body after hard work or hard work, clear the mind and bring happiness.

  • What are the side effects of using Kava Society?

    Moderate use of noble kava root by healthy adults will not cause any serious side effects. Upset stomach/nausea is one of the most common minor side effects of using Kava Society. Some kava (especially non-noble varieties, but also peeled/poorly processed kava) are more likely to cause nausea than others, but excessive consumption of any type of kava can cause stomach upset. They strongly recommend not to consume non-aristocratic cava, and individuals only drink noble, rich cava and carefully processed cava.

  • Is Kava Society addictive?

    Unlike alcohol, nicotine or many prescription drugs (not to mention some illegal substances), Kava Society is not addictive. As Dr. Lebot explained: "According to pharmacological criteria, kava is not classified as a drug because its consumption will never lead to addiction or dependence." In fact, kava is characterized by the so-called "reverse tolerance", new users need more plants than those who drink regularly to feel any effect. At the same time, they recognize that any substance used for recreational or medical purposes has the potential to form habits.

  • How does Kava Society smell and taste?

    Of course Kava Society is an acquired taste. Scientists and consumers have observed that it "has a strong but not unpleasant smell. Its taste may be pungent and astringent, described as earthy (or muddy for less friendly drinkers) or bitter. Heavier Cava varieties tend to be more unpleasant than exciting, cavain-rich varieties. Although it is difficult to find delicious cava (few people drink it because of its taste), different varieties have different and Unique flavor. Certain kava varieties (the most famous ones from Tonga and parts of Hawaii) are known for their relatively mild flavor.

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