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MissFits sells various designs designed by a few New Zealand artists. The company's Maori artists receive 50% of the royalties, which is multiple times the industry standard of 8%. Not all of the company's artists want to be recognized. Currently, the company showcases the work of musician and Maori artist Maraki. All other artworks of the company are recorded in the product list. When you license your work, you retain the legal ownership of the work. This means that you retain your copyright or design patent, while the company makes and sells products that feature your artwork and copies your images on the merchandise.

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About MissFits

The fashionable Clothing & Accessories will make you the focus of the crowd. Whether it is work or life, the right Clothing & Accessories is very important. MissFits will meet the needs of customers in products. They also prepared a large number of coupon for consumers. 70% promo code has been found for you to use.

MissFits Order Track

For the purpose of confirming your order, MissFits will send you an email. The email will provide the details about the products you just bought for yourself. The most important thing is that you will be provided a waybill number in this email. It is important for you to know that MissFits can give answers to you if you have any questions about this email. So do not feel much worried about that.

MissFits Order Lost

The responsibility should be taken by MissFits as you do not received your merchandise but it has been marked as delivered. But it can also happen that packages are actually lost before they are marked as delivered. Then you have the right to blame the delivery company. It is necessary for you to ask for compensation for the lost package. However, you must file a claim within the specified time from the date of mailing.

MissFits Email Subscription

MissFits is offering an introductory offer when you sign up. Once you register, you’ll get the corresponding discount.  MissFits sends out email newsletters to motivate you find more saving tips. This provides an advantage when it comes to shopping. Once you get a discount for your purchase, use it because it will only last for a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How is MissFits customer service?

    The rating of MissFits's customer services is very high. Contact information of MissFits, such as email addresses and phone numbers, can be found on missfits.store. The customer service staff at MissFits will not disappoint you with their problem-solving skills. When you have questions about MissFits's products, do not hesitate to ask them. However, please be aware of MissFits's customer service hours.

  • Can I receive a refund while the price of my pre-ordered items has dropped?

    Yes. You can receive a refund of the price difference under the condition that: you have an invoice that has a date and the price of your product is less than the purchase price within 14 days. MissFits will offer solutions to help you solve your questions. After checking your identity and situation, you can then get the chance to receive the refund within one week.

  • I didn't found my package,what can i do?

    First, you'd better find out whether your package has been put in hidden corners around your home. Feel free to connect with the carrier to get answers to any questions about your package. You also have the chance to let the delivery company help you by sending it a request. The delivery company will try its best to provide the exact GPS coordinates of your items for you. Anyway, you will always not lose MissFits's merchandise.

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