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Self Authoring is a series of online writing programs that can help you explore the past, present and future together. People who take the time to write about themselves will become happier, less anxious, depressed, and healthy. They become more productive, more persistent and more focused on life. This is because thinking about where you are from, who you are and where you are going can help you draw a simpler and more meaningful life path. Past creative plans can help you remember, express and analyze the importance Of positive and negative life experiences. Self Authoring's authoring program has two modules. The first one can help you understand and correct personality defects. The second one can help you understand and develop your own personality virtues. The future creation plan can help you imagine a meaningful, healthy and productive future for the next three to five years, and formulate detailed, implementable plans to make that future a reality. Let your past rest in peace! Understand and improve your current character! Design the future you want to live in! The self-creation kit will improve your life.

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Authoring Program

You can look at your past, present, and future using a collection of online writing tools collectively referred to as the Self Authoring Suite. People who take the time to write thoughtfully about usselves experience happiness, less anxiety and depression, and improved physical health. They develop greater productivity, perseverance, and life engagement. This is due to the fact that contemplating your origins, identity, and future goals enables you to navigate life with greater ease and satisfaction. The Past Authoring Program aids in your ability to recall, describe, and evaluate significant positive and bad life experiences. There are two modules in the current authoring program. The first aids in your comprehension and correction of your personality flaws. The second aids in your understanding and development of your character strengths.

What do you expect to accomplish in life and what type of person do you want to be? Is a question that the majority of people have never been asked to consider. This insight served as the program's impetus for creation. Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, made the decision to assign his students a writing assignment regarding their ideal future. They were prompted to give detailed descriptions of the kind of person they want to become, as well as the abilities and connections they desired. Simply by engaging in this guided meditation, Dr. Peterson's pupils reported feeling more purpose in their lives.

If you have memories that are older than eighteen months but still interrupt your thoughts or cause you to feel emotions like dread, regret, embarrassment, or uncertainty, finishing the Past Authoring Program might be especially beneficial. If this is taking place, it signifies that your mind has not yet been able to fully digest your past experiences and that the parts of your brain connected to negative emotion still perceive the aforementioned prior occurrences as dangers that have not yet been entirely addressed. This is bad because your brain prepares for unresolved threats by producing stress chemicals like cortisol, which can be extremely damaging when increased over an extended period of time.

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Self Authoring FAQs

  • Can I download the program of Self Authoring or can I write the program offline?

    Currently, there is no option to download Self Authoring programs and complete them offline. Some people choose to use a word processing program or complete the program manually, and then put some filling text in the program. Another thing to note is that these programs are designed to track your word count and have a time limit. This is to keep the answer below a certain length, so people don't spend too much time on a particular answer.

  • Approximately how long does a Self Authoring program take?

    Each program usually takes 4 to 5 hours, but Self Authoring recommends that you allocate this time to multiple sessions, and start each session with a refreshed, well-rested mentality. Before exiting the program, make sure to click "Next" or "Save". Otherwise, the program will not know that you have typed anything and will not save the page you are working on.

  • In what order should I write the Self Authoring program?

    Self Authoring's users each have their own experience, situation and needs. Some people will benefit from doing the "Past Creation" exercise first. One way is to first practice "current creative faults" to enhance your sense of self-criticism, then practice "future creation", make plans, then practice "current creative virtues", consider using your strengths, and finally use the past Creation exercises. However, if the major problems you have encountered in the past are still causing you trouble, you can consider starting with the "Past Creation" exercise. You should proceed in the order that is most beneficial to you.

  • Can I buy Self Authoring's creations for my friends?

    Two coupons for only $29.90 USD, you can get two vouchers for Self Authoring Suite. For a limited time, you can grant two friends access to all "self-creation" exercises at a price of $29.90 USD. Self Authoring also provide self-authoring kits, purchase vouchers for Self Authoring Suite at a price of $29.90, and allow friends to participate in all Self Authoring exercises.

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