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Traditional insulating materials leave gaps and spaces, and air infiltration becomes the main source of energy loss. Tiger Foam completely seals the space to form an effective vapor barrier to prevent air leakage and subsequent heat transfer. For commercial and residential applications, spray foam provides the best air sealing performance and the highest R per inch. It is no secret that proper insulating materials can significantly save heating and cooling costs every year. Buildings and houses that use Tiger Foam insulation can easily recover installation costs by reducing utility bills. They provide retail sales for small projects and wholesale and bulk pricing for larger jobs. Their professional customer service team is ready to answer questions and help plan projects. Whether you want to save on monthly energy bills or strive to satisfy your customers, they can help.

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blowing agents

HFCs and HFOs are the blowing agents that drive them to foam. HFCs are their original formulations. HFOs are the newest and greenest versions. Many states are now restricting older formulations and due to supply shortages they require customers who can order their original formulations It does. There is no real or performance difference between the two. As supply chain issues are resolved, they will be moving their entire product line to the latest version. Their most popular formula, this closed-cell fast-rising foam is designed for new construction Designed for both open surface and open surface applications. Unlike many of their competitors, this kit comes ready to spray with a 15' gun/hose assembly, 3 fans and 5 cone nozzles, and kit prep instructions. When spraying foam insulation, a respirator with an organic vapor filter and a particulate pre-filter is required. Please read their operating instructions and FAQ PDF files for additional important usage information. This kit theoretically produces 600 board feet (1" square feet) or 50 cubic feet.

Tiger Foam's most versatile foam delay formula is designed to completely fill cavities without damaging existing walls. Simply drill and fill behind drywall or stucco—perfect for retrofitting older homes and buildings. It can also be poured into ditch or mold release applications. Shipping weight for each kit is approximately 120 lbs, and each kit ships in two boxes. Please note that if you are ordering multiple kits, the delivery truck must be able to reach the delivery address. Due to DOT restrictions, all non-commercial and residential deliveries are by appointment, and the carrier will contact the customer prior to final delivery.

Tiger Foam™ open cell spray foam is a multipurpose open cell low density polyurethane spray foam that uses a non-flammable blowing agent and is ideal for sound insulation and noise level reduction. Open cell spray foam meets the requirements of ASTM E84 as a "Class 2" material at a test thickness of 4 inches. This kit comes with a 15' gun/hose assembly, 8 cone nozzles, and kit prep instructions. Tiger Foam Insulation™ kits come with a spray gun and hose assembly, additional nozzle tips, and they require no external power or additional machinery to apply. These spray foam insulation kits may be used anywhere and are both portable and eco-friendly. If you have any questions about using their products, they welcome you to call to discuss your specific application and approach. They appreciate your business and look forward to meeting your needs for sealing, insulating, waterproofing or filling any area of your structure, home or application that requires good insulation.

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Tiger Foam FAQs

  • What is the advantage offered by Tiger Foam Insulations vs other types of insulation?

    Spray foam insulation from Tiger Foam provides two major benefits over other types of insulation. The first is the R value per inch. The R value of closed-cell spray foam is 6 per inch. This is almost twice the old fiberglass shot they all remember seeing from their parents' attic. The second major advantage of spray foam is that it can completely seal air leaks. Even an inch of spray foam can prevent air currents around electrical boxes and pipes, which are traditionally insulated pixies. Remember, leaking is equal to leaking money.

  • How do I figure out how much Tiger Foam I need for my project?

    To calculate simple items using Tiger Foam's closed-cell foam, you can use their handy coverage calculator. For more detailed information or to calculate more complex items, please read the calculation guide located at the bottom of the above page. If you encounter problems with the calculation, just call their sales office directly and they will be happy to calculate it for you.

  • What safety equipment is needed to apply Tiger Foam Spray Foam Insulation?

    The safety of Tiger Foam's customers is very important to them. Except for safety glasses or goggles, nitrile gloves, and skin-protective clothing, all Tiger Foam Insulation's™ polyurethane foams should always be used in conjunction with certified respiratory protection devices. Please check their extensive safety information page, all necessary safety equipment can be purchased on their safety accessories page.

  • What do the kit numbers of Tiger Foam mean?

    Tiger Foam indicates that the number represents the size of the kit, that is, TF600 or TF200 indicates the foot coverage of the kit or the expanded output. The TF600FR kit will cover approximately 600 square feet (1 inch thick). The feet associated with this product are one square foot and one inch thick. The kit size is the output of the foam after the foam has cured.

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