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Valley Farms Hatchery started as an amateur farm in 2012 when 14-year-old Ryan Kelsey realized he could hatch chickens and sell them. Since 2012, when they hatched 10-15 chicks a month, they have grown into a company with hatcheries in Alabama and Minnesota. Both sites are operated by Valley farms hatchery and Ryan Kelsey, which started operations in 2012. Valley Farms Hatchery focuses on white broilers, red broilers, brown layers and white layers. With the help of some excellent partner hatcheries, the company provides more than 120 other breeds, including Bantam, rare breeds, traditional layers, ducks, geese, turkeys, Guinea, etc! The company's biggest market is for ordinary backyard family sheep, just looking for a few birds to produce some meat and eggs.

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Remember to check your address and your contact information before submitting your order. Valley Farms Hatchery's service team can help you change your order information before delivery if you have this need. If your package has begun to be delivered, you are not allowed to change your order information. The post office can still help you keep your package if you can contact them in time. Or you can choose to send your package back to Valley Farms Hatchery.

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