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At Vermont Natural Coatings, they are committed to investing in sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. They have become the new coating technology; durable, safe, interior and exterior finishes that have established the highest performance and environmental standards. Developed in collaboration with University of Vermont scientists and local woodworkers, they replace toxic ingredients traditionally found in high-performance wood finishes. They use whey protein (a by-product of cheese making) as their transforming ingredient. Their coatings are water-based, contain up to 45% renewable ingredients, and are formulated to meet the highest quality specifications while meeting the safest standards in the industry. Through their local energy cooperatives, they generate more than 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and hydro.

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Vermont Natural Coatings FAQs

  • Is Vermont Natural Coatings durable?

    Vermont Natural Coatings offers higher durability and cures twice as hard as an average waterborne finish. It's also 25% lower in VOCs than most water-based finishes try to achieve. It does this by using the natural renewable resource whey as a binder. Independent testing confirms that its finish is one of the most durable paints on the market. They have stood the test of time on residential and commercial floors as well as in furniture manufacturing.

  • What makes Vermont Natural Coatings a green product?

    Vermont Natural Coatings's formula uses whey protein as a binder and whey is a renewable resource, a natural by-product of the dairy industry. Using natural products in their professional finishes translates to lower VOCs and better indoor air quality from the online store.

  • What is the VOC content of Vermont Natural Coatings?

    The VOC levels of the Vermont Natural Coatings finishes range from ≤180g/L (grams per liter) in their floor finishes to zero VOC in their juniper-infused penetrating water repellent. The most stringent indoor air quality standard for wood veneers in the United States is 275g/L in California.

  • Do Vermont Natural Coatings's finishes contain flame retardants?

    Vermont Natural Coatings's finishes do not contain any flame retardants. Chemical flame retardants added to paints and coatings are known to cause cancer, be harmful to human health, and release more toxins when burned. Their finishes do not contain any of these harmful chemicals, nor do they increase the flame spread of existing fires.

About Vermont Natural Coatings

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